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Airy & Romantic Bridal Boudoir

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


This bridal boudoir shoot was designed to represent the bubbly and confident brides that are nearing their big day! These shoots are often done as a gift to the groom but most brides that have done them feel as though it was more of a gift to themselves! These shoots are nothing but a confidence boost with the right photographer no matter a woman's shape, size, or experience in front of the camera!

Boudoir sessions are growing very popular as women are learning to love their bodies the way they are! A lot of boudoir sessions I see on social media lately have a much darker and moodier style so I wanted to brighten things up (literally) with bright natural lighting! Most of us women were not fortunate enough to get Top Model coaching by Tyra Banks but that hasn't stopped most of my clients from looking jaw dropping gorgeous in their photos! During these sessions, we have a blast throughout the whole session while vibing to some Ariana Grande and early 2000s R&B!

These sessions are so fun and intimate and allows so many women to basque in their beauty and feel like a supermodel!

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