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Amanda & Mitchell SF Engagement

It's always best to expect unexpected whether when photographing in San Francisco and that's exactly what we got on this day. We started off Amanda and Mitchell's engagement session at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, and we had perfect glowing sun which made everything feel so effortless! Then we headed to our next spot near Chrissy Field and we saw that huge fog bank making its way in so we knew the whole shoot was now in a race against the fog!! Obviously the goal was to have an amazing sunset right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge but... we had neither a sunset nor could we really even tell which direction the bridge was because the fog had gotten so thick. Now reading this it might sound like this whole shoot kind of a dud and nothing worked out but the way I see it is that SF had other amazing photo plans for us! The fog honestly ended up being our best friend that day and the way that Amanda and Mitchell just glowed within all of the fog made for some breathtaking photos! Overall I NEVER know what to expect in San Francisco but somehow every time we create magic because this city is just extraordinary!

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